Writer’s Enrollment

We're glad to have you on board! Before you can start working, we need some information from you and need to ensure that your profile information is complete.

As stated in your initial introduction you will need a Gravatar account. If you do not have a Gravatar account, please visit Gravatar to create a profile. Whether you've created a new profile or use an existing profile, please ensure that all information listed below is within your profile.

  • Profile Photo of Yourself - Stock Photos, Animations, Photos of Objects, Logos/Letters will not be accepted. Your photo must be appropriate (G-Rated) and professional
  • Display Name with First & Last Name - Your Display Name may be an Alias if you'd like. Display names cannot be Nicknames, Usernames, and/or Solely Initials.
  • A Short Concise Bio About Yourself - Your bio length should ideally be 3-4 sentences.

Once you have verified this information is complete in your profile, please complete the Writer's Enrollment form. Once you've submitted your information, a manager will email you all information to login into the article assignment portal to begin working.

Once again, we warmly welcome you to Enterprise Technology Group and look forward to working with you.

Profile Photo Guidelines:

– Your Profile Picture Must Show You (No Childhood Pictures)

– Must be A Portrait Picture With Good Resolution And Quality (Selfies Discouraged)

– Your Face And Eyes Should Be Clearly Visible

– No Pictures Of Body Parts Like Eyes, Tattoos Or Upper Body

– No Group Pictures With Other People

– Photo must be Properly Lit (No Dark or Over-Exposed Photos)

– No Distortions Or Image Filters (Line Art Or Similar)