Enterprise Technology Group, LLC. specializes in mergers & acquisitions of online businesses and technology-driven companies. We have a large network of venture capital investors interested in the acquisition of online businesses. Our internal staff specifically locates “off-market” online businesses willing to entertain offers. Each campaign is specifically targeted for our investors. Deals can range from $150,000 to $20,000,000.

Services Offered

  • Buy-side
  • Sell-side
  • Investment Banking
  • Startup Funding & Structuring


Enterprise Technology Group is unique in many ways. We do not just ask our investors to fill out a form and be added to our mailing list. Instead, we call you and talk about the type of deals that you would like to see. Then, we run a custom campaign for your criteria and present you with the deals. The added benefit of this process is that we find “off-market” deals. These are deals that you normally would never see. Our team excels in locating online businesses that may not technically be for sale, but they have expressed interested in entertaining offers since we contacted them.


We do not accept all investors. Our minimum deal size is $150,000 and our maximum is $20,000,000. We prefer to work with venture capital firms and publicly traded companies. Private companies and private investors will be accepted after a successful phone interview. We only accept profitable high-quality online businesses on the sell-side. So, we only want investors willing to pay fair market multiples or higher, if you are looking to send out “low-ball” offers, please do business elsewhere.


If you are interested in Enterprise Technology Group running a custom campaign for you, please give a call at (480) 252-7122. When you call, please make it clear from the beginning of the call that you are an investor (we have many sellers' calling in). Sell a Business


Sellers have many options when listing with Enterprise Technology Group. It is the seller’s discretion as to list publicly with a full advertising campaign, paid for by Enterprise Technology Group. Or, to list more discretely with only the investors that have asked for the specific deal. Of course, a more public approach will get more investor leads and usually will reap a higher multiple for the seller.



First, it is important that we understand the basics of your business. We accept only profitable companies with profits over $50,000 per year. We will create a package about the online business. We will need data from you. This includes 12-36 months of revenue and profits by month and source. A breakdown of the monthly expenses. 12 – 36 months of high-level traffic data. Any relevant screenshots. One paragraph explaining the business.


We charge a 10% commission fee only upon a successful transaction that the seller agrees. This agreement will need to be signed by the seller before we can proceed.


Next, we will package up your online deal into a presentation and send it to our partner buy-side brokers and interested investors. We will also market the online business deal ourselves (if public). If the online business is appealing and has a fair asking price, you should start receiving new investor leads within 10 days.


If a full price offer does not come in, then the negotiations will open. We are happy to offer our assistance. Ultimately, it is the seller that will decide what price and terms to sell the online business.


This is the most important part of the process for the buyer. It is the buyer’s responsibility to make sure that everything the seller has stated is true. The seller may ask for an NDA at this time. Some of the data that could be requested: profit and loss statement, tax returns, logins, screenshots, traffic reports, bank statements, backlink checks, affiliate statistics, and more.


As outlined in our standard agreement, depending on size, all deals will use Escrow.com or a licensed law firm located in the United States to protect the buyer and seller. There will be 3 parties in the escrow transaction, the Buyer, the Broker (us), and the Seller. The buyer and/or the seller will pay the escrow fees (see the Escrow Fee Calculator to get an idea of cost here: https://escrow.com/support/calculator.asp ).


We are an investment banking marketing firm that advises clients on capital raises and recapitalization restructuring.  Think of our firm as your networking source into the world of investment banking. We make the person to person introductions to get your company in front of the right people with the right connections to capital. Introductions can include but are not limited to, investment bankers, broker-dealers, members of FINRA & SiPC, crowdfunding sources, and mezzanine financiers. Below are the main services that we offer.


What is a private company recapitalization? A private company recapitalization is a partial sale of a private company. In addition to receiving a significant amount of cash at closing, the owners retain substantial equity ownership and continued responsibility for running the company. Some of the funds raised can be used for growth and expansion of the company, while most of the funds go into the owner’s pocket. Following the recapitalization, some or all of the owners and the new financial partner(s) would still privately hold the company. In some cases, they continue to grow the business together. Then, at the appropriate time, the company could go public, be sold privately or undertake another recapitalization. This structure gives the shareholders a “second bite at the apple” which, if all goes well,
could be even bigger than the first.


Instead of cashing out at closing, some private owners wish to raise capital to put money into their company for growth purposes only. The main advantage of selecting this route of financing is that investors are willing to accept less equity in the transaction due to the growth prospects. Investors know that the funds will be used exclusively to grow the company and not just line the owner’s pockets.