Chief Content Editor

Enterprise Technology Group

Remote, United States
Posted 6 years ago

Enterprise Technology Group is a dynamic internet company with over 500 unique informative websites that focus on a large variety of market niches. We aim to give our users an exceptional experience when visiting our sites by providing unique, high-quality content that can provide impactful value to our readers by offering insightful, useful tips and tricks that many people may not know about. We want everyone to take advantage of any unique opportunity available to them in life and it is our goal to help ensure they are aware of what those opportunities are. Our goal is to provide engaging and accurate content to any that can make an impact.

Our team is seeking an experienced editor who can proactively review submitted content from our article writers on a daily. This individual should possess a keen understanding of the topics we specialize to verify accuracy and have the ability to pay strong attention to detail to enforce proper formatting and correct grammatical errors.

Preferred Knowledge:

  • Credit Card Options from Various Banks & Providers
  • Credit Scoring and Credit Repair Options
  • Bad Credit Solutions
  • Establishing Credit
  • Credit Card Stacking
  • Balance Transfers
  • Credit Card Promotions
  • Card Interest Rates and Fees
  • Installment Loans & Lines of Credit a major plus
  • Mortgages and Home Equity Loans a plus
  • Other Finance Related Knowledge a plus


  • Strong Technical and Grammatical Accuity
  • Associates Degree in Creative Writing or Equivalent Preferred
  • Strong understanding of credit cards, finance, healthcare, senior health and technology preferred
  • Strong Research and Critical Thinking Skills
  • Strong English Grammar Proficiency.
  • Remote Management Skills
  • Strong communication skills via email
  • Computer Proficiency
  • Experience in SEO Writing preferred.
  • Must be Located in the U.S.

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